OWO Suit Demo

Project Description

Flora the explorer is a demo we made for OWO during an student exchange project in Malaga, Spain. This was a very special kind of project because we had to create a demo for their haptic suit which at that time had not been released. We had 1 week to make and present this demo for OWO. The main challenge was to overflow the player with all different kinds of sensations.

Why it started

OWO Is a company that is working on a new Haptic suit. Their haptic suit is not like other suits which use vibrations most of the time. Their suit uses electrodes that stimulate the muscles in our body to create a sensation, this makes it very realistic. They are going to present this suit at the Game Developers Conference and they needed a demo for it which is why this project started.

Project Goal

We had to design, develop and present a working demo with all different kinds of sensations within one week.

Languages & Info

Team Members